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Health Benefits of Playing Basketball


Basketball has been one of the popular games ever since it was invented. Around the world, players and fans have been engulfed in sports. But there is more to just entertainment as you play basketball. You also get health benefits.

  • Burn calories.
    It is estimated that an hour of playing basketball can help burn between 630–750 calories. For those trying to maintain their healthy weight, this can be a great option.
  • Build endurance.
    Physical endurance can help you accomplish significant tasks. If you want to build endurance without boring yourself, playing basketball is a fun way to put it.
  • Build up muscles.
    As you push your muscles to their limits, you see how you build and shape up your muscles. For every run, every pass, and every throw, your muscles gain shape.
  • Improve balance.
    Balance is critical in basketball. The more you play, the more you practice coordinating your body movements.
  • Develop concentration.
    The more competitive the game gets, the more focus you give into the play. You can improve your focus as you aim at a single objective.

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